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No. 1 Peugeot Car Wreckers in Melbourne

Want to sell your unwanted or salvage Peugeot? and looking for top Peugeot Car Wreckers in Melbourne. Contact us for instant car removal and get up to $8999 Cash for Peugeot Cars. We are Peugeot car wrecking specialists. We handle all aspects of Peugeot wrecking and give cash on the spot. We accept and buy every model of Peugeot whether it is used, scrap, accidental, flooded, junk, salvage, broken, damaged, rusted, totaled, etc. We take very model even in the worst condition. We are not biased on car removals just by looking at the condition of the vehicle.

We Take All Makes and Models

Since we are the No.1 Peugeot Auto Wreckers, with the help of skilled car removal experts and our auto appraisers, we can provide you with the highest appraisal for your junk and old car. We take all the makes and models of all the Peugeot vehicles, whether it is a car/truck or any SUV. We are the top company for Peugeot Car Wreckers in Melbourne and we take all the models without looking at their past-present condition.  We wreck all Peugeot models like:

  • Peugeot 108
  • Peugeot 206
  • Peugeot 208
  • Peugeot 308
  • Peugeot 407
  • Peugeot 5008
  • Peugeot Blipper
  • Peugeot Partner
  • Peugeot Expert
  • Peugeot Boxer

We Take Vehicles Even in the Worst Condition

We are the leading car removal and cash for car providing company that takes cars even in the worst condition across Melbourne and its nearest suburbs. We are always available for all our customers whether they are in urgent need of cash for Peugeot cars or want to remove their car instantly. We are open on week days, weekends including Sunday mornings and midnight. We need to know the condition of your vehicle; accordingly we could tell you the price of the car/truck/SUV.  You can visit our website and get free quote or call us at 0411 704 458.

  • Accidental Peugeot wrecking
  • Wrecked Peugeot wrecking
  • Used/second hand Peugeot wrecking
  • Broken Peugeot wrecking
  • Damaged Peugeot wrecking
  • Dull Peugeot wrecking
  • Scrap Peugeot wrecking
  • Salvaged Peugeot wrecking
  • Failed engine Peugeot wrecking
  • Rusty Peugeot wrecking
  • All model Peugeot Auto Wreckers

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What We Offer?

We offer top cash for your scrap Peugeot car. We have instant cash quote forms on our websites or a number that you can call the company directly for a cash quote. We can give the online free quote on online chatting or on call. Our team of experts will evaluate your car once you call us to see the condition of your car. Once you accept the online offer, we will approach you within 24 hours to tow away your scraped car and give you money on the spot


Yes, definitely you will be getting a soft copy on your email ID and in hand hard copy of the receipt. When you speak to the customer service person please tell them that you will require a receipt when the car is removed. They will give you the receipt on the spot.

We make instant cash payments at the time they remove the car. You will be paid on the spot in liquid cash once be load your car in our towing truck. There will be no delay in the payment. You will get 6999$ on the spot.

Condition of Peugeot car only matters in getting more money. Better the condition, more the money you will get.  Else, we have the policy of taking all the cars. The brand, make and model of the car don’t matter.

  1. If you ever have questions related to your car, then you could approach us online via online chatting/ whatsapp or you can call us directly at our registered phone number 0411704458

We take all the makes and models of all the Peugeot. We are not biased or partial towards any of the model.

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