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So, you have a car that want to get rid of? Doesn’t seem like it will move? Pretty old model is it? Don’t know whether it will fetch a good amount? Too many question, too little answers right? Don’t worry we have the answers to these and other question that are assaulting your mind and it all lies in one name – Ali Car Removal

Read along!! And you shall see why:-

Car doesn’t move? Don’t bother trying

How would it move anyway? It is an old machine at the end of the day, it has seen its good and bad days, served you as much as it could and now just sits there watching you as you frown upon how useless it has become. Not saying that it is your fault, but still at least now you can let it rest in peace and at the same time find some profit for your pocket as well isn’t it? So whenever you feel like it is time to move it, you don’t have to do anything out of the box, just a simple call to us would suffice your needs. A call to us will not only get a free quote for your car but also a free pick up and towing from a location of your choice not a bad deal isn’t it ? Yeah! We know you might have already called a number of people and asked if they could tow it from you and all of them turned it down, we know it is frustrating, still why not give it a last shot! Maybe this one will get you what you seek.

Oh!! So it is an Old model?? Antique is it?? Tell you what – Hardly Matters!!!

It might not be antique, but yeah!! hold on it for a bit longer for sure it will be one of those might cut you a deal above the rest then, if it survives through that rust under the fender and on the bonnet and other parts. Or you can just sell it to us right now and see how it gets your pockets full. We have no issue with your car being from the stone-age or even earlier than that, we accept cars from every make model and brand, not that choosy like you might think. Helps us serve clients like you better, not to mention the reputation that we enjoy for being a know-it-all-have-it-all among the Car Wreckers in Melbourne. We know you tried your best to find anyone who would take that old car of yours and by now you would have also realized the fact that all these Car Wreckers in Melbourne are not even close to what they say they are! So make the right choice man!!

Hating the paperwork?? Have a seat! Sip on your whiskey!! And watch us finish it up in a jiffy

Not a piece of cake, that paperwork. To a pair of unskilled hands it is no less than a nightmare, eats up all the time and finally it isn’t even finished like it should be. The legal formalities need to be taken care of in a manner that doesn’t leave anything for tomorrow as that would only sabotage your chances of finishing the paperwork in time, but you don’t have to worry about getting your hands dirty in the digging as all the work related to the paperwork and completion of the formality will be undertaken and completed by our professionals who are not only well versed in this game but are also appointed for specifically for this purpose, moreover we are not seeking any charges for this service, it’s on the house!! So nothing to worry about there!!

Give the Car, Take the money it’s really that simple!! #NoKidding

When we say “We make your Car Removal simple “we sure as hell mean each and every word of it. There are no chances or probabilities of any delay from our end, neither in the towing of the vehicle, the completion of the formalities or the payment of the agreed amount. What is the point of kicking the can down the road when we have all the resources to get everything finished within a shorter time span, Sounds pretty cool right?? Not only does is sound cool but is actually pretty cool how we take care of business. As soon as the paperwork of the car is finished we pay you the cash on the very spot and you can drive away saying to yourself “Well!!! That escalated quickly!!” 😉

What more is left to talk about, we have already made you an offer we know you can’t refuse

So make that call Mate!! Let that car vanish and your pockets feel heavier


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